Barber Motorsports Museum

Barber Motorsports Museum

Ride The Smokies – Barber Motorsports Museum

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544.8 miles – 11 hr & 3 min riding time

  • This ride is an overnighter and takes you to the Barber Motorsports Museum in the Birmingham, AL area and back. It is advised that you leave by 8 am because you will want the complete afternoon at the Barber Museum. Then we have a route to the motel we stayed at. We took all day to come back because we got off the highway and found so many fun roads.
  • 1st leg, Barber 1, to the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, AL
  • 251 miles
  • 3 hr 58 min ride time
  • 2nd leg, Barber 2, to the Quality Inn-Birmingham International
  • 9.8 miles
  • 15 minutes of riding time
  • 3rd leg, Barber 3, to Bea’s Restaurant in Chattanooga via Little River Canyon National Preserve
  • 163 miles
  • 3 hr 39 min ride time
  • 4th leg, Barber 4, to SMH-D via Belltown, TN
  • 121 miles
  • 3 hr 11 min ride time