Barber Motorsports Museum

Birmingham, Alabama

This ride is an overnighter and takes you to the Barber Motorsports Museum in the Birmingham, AL area and back. It is advised that you leave by 8 am because you will want the complete afternoon at the Barber Museum. Then we have a route to the motel we stayed at. We took all day to come back because we got off the highway and found so many fun roads.

to the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, AL
  • 251 miles
  • 3 hr 58 min ride times


2 BigLaurel 2, Photo Op
  • 36.8 miles
  • 49 min ride time


3 to the Quality Inn-Birmingham International
  • 9.8 miles
  • 15 min ride time


4 to Bea’s Restaurant in Chattanooga via Little River Canyon National Preserve
  • 163 miles
  • 3 hr 39 min ride time


5 to SMH-D via Belltown, TN
  • 121 miles
  • 3 hr 11 min ride time