Bobby Q’s

Cookeville, TN

428 E Broad St
Cookeville, Tennessee

Today barbecue means different things to different people. For instance, in the Southwest barbecue means beef. In other parts of the country it means lamb, or even goat. In the deep south barbecue means pork. Bobby Q’s specializes in what most people think of as Traditional Southern Style Barbecue, though we don’t limit ourselves to pork. We’ll barbecue any USDA graded meat or fowl.

At Bobby Q’s we spend hours trimming and seasoning with our own secret blend of seven delicate spices. We turn, baste, and slow cook the meat to achieve the amazing flavor only pit cooking the Bobby Q way can deliver. It gives us a real kick to hear folks say things like, Now that’s real barbecue!”, or, “I haven’t had barbecue like that since…”. Chances are that no matter where you’re from, you’ll appreciate the amazing flavor of Bobby Q’s quality barbecue. We hope you’ll enjoy it time and time again.

Monday11:00 - 3:00
Tuesday11:00 - 8:30
Wednesday11:00 - 8:30
Thursday11:00 - 8:30
Friday11:00 - 9:30
Saturday4:00 - 9:30