Mercier Orchards

Blue Ridge, GA

This ride will take you South through Tellico Plains, Turtletown, and Ducktown to the Mercier Orchards down in Blue Ridge, GA. This place has a great lunch and make sure you have room in your saddlebags to bring some jams and honey home. On the way back you will make a photo-op stop at the Greasy Creek Baptist Church. From here you will ride through Reliance through some of the back roads to Tellico Plains and then on to SMH-D.

1 you will ride to Exxon in Tellico Plains for a coffee recycle stop
  • 40.2 miles
  • 1 hr 8 min ride time
2 to the Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, GA for lunch and jams and jellies
  • 45.7 miles
  • 1 hr 2 min of ride time
3 on the way back, a stop at the Greasy Creek Baptist Church for a picture of you and your group in front of the church sign.
  • 34.4 miles
  • 52 min ride time
4 after riding some great back roads, you will stop in Tellico Plains again to top of the tanks
  • 27.8 miles
  • 50 min ride time
5 on this last leg, you will go back in time again on your way through Vonore to SMH-D
  • 43.4 miles
  • 1 hr 23 min of ride time