Mill Springs Mill

Mill Springs, KY

This ride will take you North through Wartburg, Sunbright, Allardt, Pickett State Park, to just North of Monticello, KY.  On the way back you will make a stop at the world-famous Forbus General Store, ride through the hills, through Jamestown, Grimsley, Clarkrange, Crossville, past the Homestead Tower, Grandview, Spring City, Sweetwater, Madisonville, Vonore, Greenback and back to Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson in Maryville, TN.

1 you will ride to the Wartburg Visitors Center or recycling station as we like to call it. Make sure you take a look at their displays and sign-in.
  • 54.6 miles
  • 1 hr 12 min ride time
2 to the Colditz Cove and a short walk to Northrup Falls. Don’t lean over too far, there is a lot more to see today.
  • 31.3 miles
  • 44 min of ride time
3 to Henbos Convenience store in Jamestown. This is a good place for a snack and to top off the tank.
  • 6.3 miles
  • 12 min ride time
4 to McDonald’s in Monticello, KY for lunch. There are other choices if you prefer.
  • 40.9 miles
  • 1 hr 5 min ride time
5 to the Mill Springs Mill. Get your camera out and take a lot of pictures. This is a wonderful park and if you go on the weekend, the mill may be running.
  • 4.8 miles
  • 12 min of ride time
6 this is a high culture stop and pictures are a must.
  • 5.1 miles
  • 12 min ride time
7 after all that culture, it is time to stop and get something to drink at Hardee’s.
  • 13 miles
  • 19 min of ride time
8 this is a wonderful ride to the world-famous Forbus General Store. Stop and talk with one of the old-timers that you may find whittling out on the front porch. You may be able to get in on a card game in the back but beware you could lose your shirt.
  • 25.9 miles
  • 44 min of ride time
9 to the Shell station in Spring City to top off the tank again
  • 76.2 miles
  • 1 hr 45 min ride time
10 on this last leg, you ride back to SMH-D
  • 66.8 miles
  • 1 hr 27 min of ride time