Nantahala Loop

Nantahala Loop

This ride will take you South through Robbinsville, NC. You will ride through the Dragon on the way and on the way back. This is a relatively short ride but there are enough twists and turns for almost everyone. There are planned stops almost every hour but there are many great photo opportunities so you can create fun pictures to show your friends.


1 you will travel down William Blount Drive, up to the US-411, down to US-129 where you will ride the Dragon to Deal’s Gap. Here you will make a short recycle stop. Depending on the time of day or the weather, you can stop at the US-129 Dragon H-D for recycle and pictures. The Dragon Overlook is a great place to stop for pictures of Calderwood Lake, ask someone to take the picture so all of you group can be in it.
  • 38.8 miles
  • 1 hr 17 min ride time


2 from Deals Gap, you will take the left on US-28 (Moonshiner 28), to NC-143, back through Robbinsville, NC to US-129 where you will turn right. Even if you are not ready for a lunch, the Tapoco Lodge is a great place to stop for liquid, sit outside and get as many pictures as you can.
  • 45 miles
  • 53 min of ride time


3 you will take a left out of Tapoco Lodge and ride through Deals Gap. There are a number of photo op’s in this part of the route. The best place to take pictures is the Foothills Parkway sign and the Foothills Overlook where this leg of the route stops.
  • 24.4 miles
  • 52 min ride time


4 this is the last leg of the route as published. When you get to US-321, this route pulls off there. You have the option of continuing to complete the new section of Foothills Parkway called the missing link. The GPS maps are not up to date enough but when you get to the end, you can come back the other direction to US-321 or Lamar Alexander Pkwy. If you do this, you will add some time and miles but it is worth it. Take a right to exit the Foothills Parkway and then left onto US-321 and continue back to Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson.
  • 23.3 miles
  • 35 min ride time