This ride will take you West and North through Louisville, Friendsville, Lenoir City, Oakdale, Black Mountain and Mount Roosevelt, Lenior City, and back to Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson in Maryville.

1 you will ride through Louisville and Friendsville to ride through Oakdale and on to Jack’s Place for lunch. At one time Oakdale was a large city that used to modify Railroad Steam Engines so they could make it over the mountains on their way North East. You will probably have to make an extra stop for recycling on this leg.
  • 64 miles
  • 1 hr 42 min ride time
 to BP om Westel to top off the tanks.
  • 6.7 miles
  • 12 min of ride time
3 to the antenna farm parking lot on Black Mountain. This is also a trailhead for part of the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail and there is a wonderful 1/4 mile walk that will take you out to the edge of Black Mountain where you can see forever.
  • 16.2 miles
  • 29 min ride time
4 as long as you are out in this area, you best not miss Mount Roosevelt. From here you can see all of Rockwood plus some of the lakes.
  • 15.8 miles
  • 24 min ride time
5  you will take Hwy 70 back to Lenior City and back down Hwy 321 to SMH-D.
  • 51.9 miles
  • 1 hr 21 min ride time