Roan Mountain State Park

This ride will take you East through Sevierville, Newport, Erwin, all the way to Roan Mountain St Park, then Sycamore Shoals St Park, to Davy Crockett Birth Place St Park, and back to Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson in Maryville. It is recommended that you leave before 9am because with the stops this is almost an 11 hour ride.

1 you will ride through Sevierville with your first stop at Exon in Newport for a rest stop.
50.5 miles
1 hr 19 min ride time
2 the next stop is at Wendy’s in Erwin for lunch. This is also a great place to top off the tanks, you have ridden 126.1 miles and there isn’t fuel at the next stop.
75.6 miles
1 hr 40 min ride time
3 you will cross into NC to come across Roan Mountain to the State Park. Stop at the top for some great place for pictures.
45.8 miles
1 hr 23 min ride time
4 this leg will take you to Elizabethton, the home of Sycamore Shoals St Park. Read about what happened here, we may be flying a different flag if it wasn’t for the Sycamore Shoals history.
37.6 miles
1 hr 15 min ride time
5 this route will take you through Historic Jonesborough and over to the Birthplace of Davy Crockett. Take a look at size of the cabin that he lived in as a boy.
29.6 miles
43 min of ride time
6 this leg will take you to Greenville, TN where you can top off your tank again.
14.6 miles
21 min ride time
7you will take US 411 into Maryville with a slight jog to make it easy to get on Hwy 321 to SMH-D.
88.4 miles
1 hr 39 min of ride time