Sgt Alvin C York State Park

Pall Mall, TN

This ride will take you North West up through Pickett State Park up to Monticello, Kentucky and back down to Forbus and with some twisty roads back to the Sgt Alvin C York State Park. Then you will start your journey back to Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson through Norris, Heiskell, Louisville, and Middle settlements just to name a few. This ride will take you into the Central Time Zone.

1 you will ride to the Wartburg Visitors Center for a rest stop. Make sure to sign the log, talk with the ladies, and look around while you are there. They may even have some water for you if you ask nicely.
53.7 miles
1 hr 12 min ride time
2 to the Henbos Convenience Store for a snack and to top off the tanks.
35.4 miles
49 min of ride time
3 through Pickett State Park up almost to Monticello, KY and back down to the Forbus General Store for lunch and you might be able to get into a game of cards or try your hand at whittling.
60.3 miles
1 hr 38 min ride time
4 ride the back way to Sgt. Alvin C. York’s Grave.
22.7 miles
48 min ride time
5 to the Sgt. Alvin C. York Mill. You can get as dirty as you want here; you are kind of lost in time.
2 miles
6 min of ride time
6 on this leg you will ride through South Fork of the Cumberland River gorge on your way to the Norris Dam Overlook.
80.2 miles
2 hr 03 min ride time
7 and then back to SMH-D but that doesn’t mean there are not any twists and turns on this route.
54.9 miles
1 hr 32 min of ride time